1. Add initial State in Reducers/initialState

i.e. Reducers/initialState/caseManager.js

Put in the shape of the state you’d like to access and update.


2. Add to index of initial states in Reducer’s initial states


Because I always mix up the positive and negative and transform with translate…

The proper syntax

Again…I keep forgetting this…

yarn add @material-ui/icons

Go here: https://material-ui.com/components/material-icons/

Click or search for icons

Import like so on a React file:

import ErrorIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Error';

If you want to customize it further…

Go here: https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline

Download an SVG from there.

Open the svg.

Make a file path somewhere…do something like this…

Kevin Kim

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