Importing Material UI icons

Again…I keep forgetting this…

Option 1: Importing directly from MUI library

yarn add @material-ui/icons

import ErrorIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Error'import { withStyles } from '@material-ui/core/styles'export const StyledErrorIcon = withStyles({  root: {   fontSize: 15,   marginRight: 5,   '&:hover': {     backgroundColor: 'red'   }   '@media (max-width: 350px)' : {     fontSize: 13,   


Option 2: Importing SVGs directly from Material

Go here:

import React from 'react'const signUpPath = (  <>   <path d='M0 0h24v24H0z' fill='none' />   <path d='M15 12c2.21 0 4-1.79 4-4s-1.79-4-4-4-4 1.79-4 4 1.79 4 4     4zm-9-2V7H4v3H1v2h3v3h2v-3h3v-2H6zm9 4c-2.67 0-8 1.34-8 4v2h16v-2c0-  2.66-5.33-4-8-4z' />  </>)export default signUpPath

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